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Brian Gillette, the founder of Feel-Good MSP, stands out in the Channel with his unique, empathy-driven approach to sales and client relationships. Formerly a VP of Sales for an MSP, his expertise now shines as a consultant, where he transforms traditional sales tactics with a focus on understanding and meeting client needs. Renowned for his strategies in overcoming sales objections, Brian champions selling outcomes over technicalities, emphasizing value, trust, and the importance of peace of mind and productivity for clients. His dynamic, client-centered philosophy makes him an invaluable asset in the MSP landscape.

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Our Team

Ashley's Testimonial


Community Manager

As the Community Manager at Feel-Good MSP, Ashley is here to ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of your membership. Outside of work she can be found reading, trying new recipes, traveling and working out.

Caleb's Testimonial


Web & Design Lead

Caleb makes stuff look good. He's pretty sure that Feel-Good MSP's ideas are world-changing, and loves helping translate those ideas into beautiful visuals that connect with people. He basically lives in a coffee shop, loves traveling, and wants to play Survivor more than anything.

Kristina's Testimonial



Whether it's managing schedules or offering crucial support, Kristina is here to ensure everything flows seamlessly. She's a Jack of all Trades and is amazing at making people feel well taken care of. When she's not organizing online, she's usually jumping out of planes.

Sean's Testimonial


Marketing Director

Sean makes sure that Feel-Good MSP's message to the world lives up to our company ethos and standards. Outside of work, you'll often find him writing, recording music, or fishing. Oh, did he mention? He's currently enjoying the pristine nature of life in the Japanese countryside.

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